About Us

Introducing the Team:

John – Business Owner & Driving Instructor

John has over 25 years driving experience in a variety of vehicles including heavy vehicles and motor sports such as rallying and circuit racing. In 2008, John started Bartz Driving School as he saw a shortage of driving schools who offering defensive driving but also quick lessons on how to pass the driving test, however not giving students the opportunity to gain skills to carry them through their driving life.

We encourage supervising driver’s involvement. By this we mean, coming along on a lesson when the learner driver feels competent and can drive a vehicle without dual controls in traffic. During this lesson, you will be seated in the back seat and watch how John teaches the learner driver about low risk driving, hazard perception and lifesaving visual skills. You will soon realize that gaining the P1 licence is more involved than just a quick drive around the block as it was 30 years ago.

What do you need to look for when picking a driving school?

When picking a driving school there are many more important factors rather than price. You should find a driving school that has the following:

  • How long they have been in business, their reputation and reviews of the company (either on their Facebook page or Word of Mouth)
  • Current RMS Instructors’ Licence & Driver’s Licence (per instructor)
  • Working with Children’s Check – adults who works with anyone under the age of 18, must have one of these and should be produced if requested
  • Public Indemnity and Liability Insurance
  • Does the vehicle your child will be conducting lessons have dual controls? Does it look safe and road worthy?
  • Full comprehensive car insurance for each vehicle belonging to the driving instructor
  • Does the person who takes your phone call enquiry, engage when you when calling to book a lesson and make you feel comfortable?

If the driving school you call cannot answer YES to these questions, then it will be in your best interest as a parent and/or Learner student to call Bartz Driving School on 0410 679 888 as we will answer YES to all these questions.



I have autism and struggled to find a driving instructor that really understood me. John from Bartz driving school was brilliant with me from the beginning, and I just passed my ps test with a perfect score. Highly recommend John for anyone else on the spectrum.

student, November 2018   

John is an excellent driving instructor, couldn’t recommend him more. Easy to follow mapped out lessons to build up your confidence. Wouldn’t have been able to pass my driving test first go without John! Thank you BARTZ Driving School

student, October 2018   

I went with David for driving lessons a couple of months back now & can not recommend him enough! He was so incredibly patient with me & was very honest in when he suggested I was ready for my tests. Very professional & he made it a priority that he was giving me the absolute most of my lessons every time!
I can’t thank BARTZ & David enough for such an easy experience, thank you!

student, October 2018   

John is an EXCELLENT driving teacher. I WAS an extremely anxious driver when I started. Not for long, though. Today, I passed my first ever driving test. I owe it all to John and Bartz Driving School. Extremely highly recommended!! Thank you soooo much, John! You’re tops!

student, September 2018   

We've put 3 children through Bartz driving school & can't reccomend them high enough. All 3 kids were very comfortable with John instructing them & looked forward to their lessons. most importantly, all 3 passed their tests and are confident competent drivers.

parent, September 2018   

I'm 34. I put off getting my licence for quite a while and didn't think I would be able to get on the road. John made it possible. John is very patient with people who overthink the process like me! I have my red Ps and now on the road thanks to him. Would recommend 100%

student, August 2018   

What a fabulous driving school. I was worried my anxiety would stop me from driving before I died! But Dave being so patient, calm, laid back, knowledgeable and understanding has really made such a difference. I don’t feel incredible anxiety every time I take the drivers seat anymore and I feel so at ease. I now have no doubt that after a lot of time and practice with a great instructor I will be a confident, safe driver. Highly recommend Bartz!!

student, August 2018   

Dave makes my son feel comfortable and enjoys his lesson. Thank u

parent, August 2018   

This is the best driving school around. Thank you very much John for everything you did for my son. You were fantastic. Your patience and commitment were outstanding. My son was so nervous that he didn’t ever think he will drive. You bring out the best in him and gave him so much confidence. I know now he will be a safe driver because of what you have taught him. I have 4 other children and you will teach them all. Highly recommended driving school. Believe me, you won’t be disappointed

John (parent), June 2018   

Bartz driving school, John you are awesome! I thank you so much. I never thought I could ever drive just keep taking transport & walking was my life purpose due to my personal anxiety after a accident at the age 15 stopping me from moving forward Look at me NOW 36 & I have my license. I'm glad the other driving school didn't think I was good enough to reply back to, as your driving school was the right choice for myself. 100% recommend.

Tammy (student), January 2016   

John is the best. Lieve passed first time. Thanks john.

Jane (parent), January 2017   

I'd like to thank David who was very friendly and informative. Thank you so much for helping me get my license, and I would like to recommend Bartz driving school to anybody who is learning to drive. Thanks so much.

Sean (student), December 2016   

Thank-you to David for getting Sean to pass his test. Best instructor ever. See you on 2 years when the next one is ready.

Alison (parent), November 2016   

Absolutely the best driving school out. John was no doubt the best and helped me boost my confidence up when driving. I can't be grateful enough for all he did, and helping me pass my test with flying colours. All thanks to your amazing skills ? I can't thank-you enough.

Emily (student), November 2016   

My son had used 2 others but found this one the best professional helpful honest and experienced. Highly recommend.

Maria (parent), October 2016.