RTA Licence Requirements

To hold a Learners licence in NSW you must be 16 years of age. At the age of 17, so as long as you have held your licence for 12 months minimum and have completed the required 120 hours of driving (100 daylight hours AND 20 nights hours), you can go for your P1 driving test.

Once you are over the age of 25 and hold a NSW learner driving licence, you do not have to complete the 120 hours or 12 month waiting period. However, you must be able to drive to the required standard… remember Bartz Driving School standard is higher!

We have an outstanding first time pass rate as our standard is higher.

Overseas Licence Holders:

You first need to check if you are eligible for a direct change over to a NSW driver’s licence. To check if you are eligible, click here!

You can check whilst on the RTA website what other requirements you may need.

Remember the overseas licensing procedures maybe higher in Australia. If this is the case, you may need some “refresher” lessons to familiarize yourself with the NSW licencing requirements.

Seniors “Refresher” Course:

You may have been driving for many years and settled yourself into a routine whilst behind the wheel. Don’t let complacency be the error of judgement in your driving test as you only get 3 chances. We understand this may be a daunting time for you as your licence is your independence. By doing a lesson or two with John it can improve your chances of passing the AGED driving test.


Bartz driving school, John you are awesome! I thank you so much. I never thought I could ever drive just keep taking transport & walking was my life purpose due to my personal anxiety after a accident at the age 15 stopping me from moving forward Look at me NOW 36 & I have my license. I'm glad the other driving school didn't think I was good enough to reply back to, as your driving school was the right choice for myself. 100% recommend.

Tammy (student), January 2016   

John is the best. Lieve passed first time. Thanks john.

Jane (parent), January 2017   

I'd like to thank David who was very friendly and informative. Thank you so much for helping me get my license, and I would like to recommend Bartz driving school to anybody who is learning to drive. Thanks so much.

Sean (student), December 2016   

Thank-you to David for getting Sean to pass his test. Best instructor ever. See you on 2 years when the next one is ready.

Alison (parent), November 2016   

Absolutely the best driving school out. John was no doubt the best and helped me boost my confidence up when driving. I can't be grateful enough for all he did, and helping me pass my test with flying colours. All thanks to your amazing skills 😉 I can't thank-you enough.

Emily (student), November 2016   

My son had used 2 others but found this one the best professional helpful honest and experienced. Highly recommend.

Maria (parent), October 2016.   

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